Do You Know the Traditional Japanese Food, “Mochi”?

Yumi Murata

What is Mochi (餅・もち)? Credit: iMorpheus via Flickr Have you ever eaten Mochi (餅・もち)? Mochi is a traditional Japanese food ...


How to Use a Vending Machine at Noodle Shops in Japan

Yumi Murata

Have you ever tried to get a ticket for any Japanese noodles from a vending machine at noodle shops in ...

Naniwaya Sohonten

The First Taiyaki-ya in Tokyo: Naniwaya Sohonten

Yumi Murata

As you know, there is a variety of Wagashi (Japanese desserts), and each season has different kinds. Among those, Taiyaki ...


The Legal Age for Drinking in Japan

Yumi Murata

I’ve made a list for drinkers of places where you can taste sake in Tokyo. After I finished making this ...


Japanese Capitals: Past and Present

Yumi Murata

Credit: 柏翰 / ポーハン / POHAN via Flickr As I’m sure most people who are reading this are aware, Tokyo ...

What to Do at Shinto Shrines

Bowing and Clapping at Shinto Shrines

Yumi Murata

Have you ever seen Japanese people bowing and clapping their hands in front of a shrine? Here I’d like to ...


Exploring Japan: Tokyo Tower

Yumi Murata

Japan has many landmarks that a lot of people would have seen at some point in either anime, manga, paintings ...


A Falconer’s Cafe: One of Themed Cafe in Japan

Yumi Murata

Japan is well known for its unique cafe such as cat cafes, bunny cafes, owl cafes but have you seen ...

Shimbashi Station Shiodome

The First Station in Tokyo

Yumi Murata

Where was the first station in Tokyo? The history of rail transport in Japan began in the late Edo period ...

handmade Japanese Paper

Handmade Japanese Paper, Washi

Yumi Murata

You might have come across something made of Washi (和紙・わし), handmade Japanese Paper, once or twice in Japan. Japanese Washi ...