A Falconer’s Cafe: One of Themed Cafe in Japan

Yumi Murata

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Japan is well known for its unique cafe such as cat cafes, bunny cafes, owl cafes but have you seen a Falconers Cafe?


This cafe can be found in Mitaka, just a small walk away from the Ghibli Museum. Unlike other animal cafes where you pay to spend time with an animal, this one was set up by the owner because he loves birds. Of course you can not stroke the birds, there is a room where the owner keeps his birds at the front.

Peregrine falcon

This is a cute looking Peregrine falcon.

The cafe is small, with room for around 10 people to eat, and they have a English menu available.

Some dish sell out if you get there for a late lunch, like I did. The food portions were fairly large and tasty. The cafe was busy, half of the people were tourists like me taking photos and the other half were locals.

The cafe also sells a variety of bird goods. The books on the bottom shelf about birds are for people to look at when they are eating or when they have finished eating. The cafe was very relaxed and you felt there was no need to rush.

I found books in English to look at, while I tired to work out what breed the owl at the cafe was. Just as I was trying to work this out, one of the staff members came over and told me that it was a Tawny Owl.

Tawny Owl

You can take photos of the birds any time you want, but do not use a flash on your camera.

This Tawny Owl was really hard to take a photo of, as it kept looking away. You can see from these photos that the birds are well looked after.

If you are in the area, this place is well worth stopping at especially if you like falcons and owls. Have you been to a unique cafe in Tokyo?

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