Yumi Murata

Japanese tea ceremony

A Japanese Tea Ceremony at Nadeshiko in Asakusa

Yumi Murata

There are some people who would like to experience a Japanese tea ceremony when they travel to Japan. I‘d like ...

Drink Tea And Eat Sweets

Japanese Manners #2: How to Drink Tea And Eat Sweets

Yumi Murata

I learnt Orikata on the priveous lesson from Ms. Sato. Then I learnt how to drink Japanese tea and how ...

Learning Japanese Manners

Japanese Manners #1: The Skill of Orikata

Yumi Murata

You may have heard of Origami but have you heard of Orikata? Origami is the ornamental way of folding paper ...

Wearing A Yukata

Wearing A Yukata and Walking around Asakusa

Yumi Murata

Like many people who travel to Japan, I was hoping to get the chance to wear a Kimono/ Yukata. Which ...

Kimono And Yukata

6 Shops You Can Wear Kimono And Yukata in Asakusa

Yumi Murata

There are several places you have Kimono and Yukata worn at Asakusa. We introduce shops that you can experience to ...

Gokito at Kinnoh Hachimangu

Inside Shinto: Praying at the Konnoh Hachimangu Shrine

Yumi Murata

Spirituality in Japan is a very complex topic to tackle. Although the majority of people subscribe to Shinto and Buddhism, ...

Goldfish Scooping

Goldfish Scooping at Kingyozaka

Yumi Murata

When you think about Summer in Japan, one of the things that will come to mind may be goldfish, which ...

Food for Girls’ Day

Hinamatsuri: Food for Girls’ Day on March 3

Yumi Murata

I have written some articles in a series about Hinamatsuri; for instance: Hina dolls , Hina dolls role, and the ...


Hagoita-ichi, a Traditional Japanese Winter Festival

Yumi Murata

Recently, I visited a traditional Japanese battledore festival called “Hagoita-ichi (羽子板市・はごいたいち)” in the precincts of Sensoji Temple, which is in ...

Yokai and Yurei

Japanese Mythology: Yokai and Yurei

Yumi Murata

If you know people who have an interest in Japanese horror or mythology, this might be the article for them. ...

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