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Japanese noodles

What Are The Differences between Japanese noodles?

Yumi Murata

How many types of Japanese noodles are there? Have you already tried some kinds of Japanese noodles here in Japan? ...

National Flower of Japan

What Is the National Flower of Japan?

Yumi Murata

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Yaki Imo (Baked Sweet Potato) : One of Japan’s Winter Foods

Yumi Murata

Have you ever tasted a Yaki imo (焼き芋・やきいも) in Japan? It is a baked Japanese sweet potato. When I think ...


How to Use Chopsticks: Basic Skill

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A Unique Japanese Custom: 4 Meanings of Chocolate on Valentine’s Day!

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What is the most popular gift on Valentine’s Day in your countries? I suppose it might be a single rose ...


A Strange Japanese Custom: The Matter of “Otoshi” at Izakaya

Yumi Murata

Credit: Kent Wang via Flickr I don’t usually think about Japanese customs in my daily life because I am used ...