About us

Good Experiences only in Japan.


QOOLJAN is a website that introduces unique and interesting things that you can only see and do in Japan.

QoolJan’s editors will provide interesting and fun information for travelers who visit Japan

Whether you want to experience traditional culture in Asakusa, go shopping in Shibuya or experience culinary delight of Tokyo, please look at our website and follow us on Facebook.

When you finally come to Japan, you will feel ready and also have a great time; knowing the areas before arriving!


  • We will publish subjects that are unique, fun and useful for people who are interested and who want to visit Japan.
  • We will recommend everything sincerely and honestly.
  • We will pick up topics that are unique to Japan, Tokyo and the surrounding area.


The QOOLJAN team is a small group.

There is a web creator and writers, so members that have versatile skills and personalities are generating information through trial and error.

Tomohiro Kiuchi / Editor in chief
Yoshiki Tsutsumi / Editor
Hisayo Iwabuchi / Writer
Yumi Murata / Editor & Translator
Christopher Wensley / Writer